Bluemix Training Service

HR process Training

Bluemix staffing is the best HR training company in India. With an expertly designed course module to meet the Industry requirement and our skilled and established HR professionals with years of experience in several Industries. We provide you the comprehensive HR training to make you equipped with several roles such as recruitment, competency mapping, performance management, compensation and several other areas of HR. Get in touch with us to know more.

Corporate training

Bluemix offers the dynamic skill development company offers a wide range of training for your team in the latest technological products. Bluemix will be your one stop place for your corporate training, get in touch with us now to know more.The services we provide:

Career awareness campaign

Career awareness is a formal and a power move approach by Bluemix staffing in cultivating the future leaders by providing technical & soft skills training, counselling, promotion and giving them opportunity to excel in their career.

College to corporate program

Campus to corporate training is as important as technical skill training, if necessary training was not provided it is significant that it will affect short and long term productivity.

Blumix staffing is aimed at offer a specially designed soft skills programme to make the participants introspect, hone up their corporate skills, enjoy the fun-filled activities and gain knowledge and self-confidence. for graduates, new joiners in an organisation to help them make a smooth transition from campus to corporate

Certified Training

We offer in-demand technological training certification programs designed by industrial leaders to build and enhance critical professional skills.

By earning this certification will keep them current with industry trends, technology, and many other topic areas that are continually evolving.


Bluemix staffing services are designed to relieve the company’s administrative burden associated in hiring the potential employee and providing a proper training.

We help you find the right candidate and provide the basic training on all the in demand technology programs like information technology, data science and much more.